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I am a chaplain in the US Army, serving in Iraq. I'm keeping a blog to share my thoughts and experiences while deployed. They are my thoughts and they don't necessarily reflect the opinions of the US Army! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2004


That what I'm going through right now- transition from civilian life to Army life. In civilian life I am a pastor, husband and father (not in that order!). I spend my days with my family, and at church- preaching, teaching and counseling. Now I am a soldier...I have to start thinking in a totally different way. Details become all comsuming; polishing my boots takes on an importance that is not easily compared to the civilian world. Rather than calling friends and co-workers by name, I am faced with ranks, titles and salutations. Rather than being able to compartmentalize the war on terror, I will soon be faced with daily reminders that we are a nation at war.

Wow. At war. Doesn't seem like it in the civilian world. What have we really had to give up? Not much. We get upset because some prisoners at Guantanomo Bay are being held too long without charges, but what has really changed for us? Nothing. But at CHOBC (Chaplain Officer Basic Course) I will rub shoulders with chaplains who will soon deploy to places like Iraq and Afghanistan, because we're at war.

Tonight I'm staying in Nashville. Tomorrow I will drive to Columbia, South Carolina, and report to Fort Jackson. I look forward to it.

I was a good drive today. About 10 hours from Des Moines to Nashville. I stopped once along the way. I went 400 miles before the first stop, and then drove the last 250 miles to Nashville. Tomorrow's drive will be easier.


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