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Friday, June 29, 2007

Things You See From The Air...

Last night as we were flying across town, we took a sharp bank at one point, and I was looking straight down at.... a guy moving his sprinkler across the lawn.

As I saw it, my first thought was "Hmm.... how odd." Why is it odd? I don't know. It's just strange the normalcy of how much of what I see on the streets of Baghdad from the air.

We fly low enough to see things like what the guy in his yard is doing, or which kid is kicking the soccer ball on the field, or looking at the various people walking around the streets or to the market.

Interesting. A guy watering his yard.


Blogger BlueSkyJedi said...

I imagined that was weird..normalcy amidst the chaos..someone actually nurturing instead of tearing down or killing. I work in Document Exploitation (1st Cav Div/Camp Liberty) where we process detainee evidence..worst of humanity. I believe and thank God for his grace but this this kind of stuff makes wiping people off the face of the map and starting over VERY attractive..A place where beheadings are commonplace has something seriously wrong it!

Glad you are back home safe. 3 months more for me.

Grace and Peace,

Vance - Air Force NCO

10:25 PM  

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