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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Day One!

Wow....what a day it has been. It's been a good, but tiring day! It started at 3am (0300) this morning. We had a weigh-in at the school at 0430 (I passed....not too fat for the Army). Then much of the morning was spent in-processing. That means filling out lots of paperwork and forms.

The afternoon session was interesting. We had classes on preaching, and leading worship, with instructions on the various styles. It was both a good refresher from seminary, plus some new information I hadn't had before.

I'm exhausted tonight. I am going to try and get to sleep around 8pm (2000 Army time). Tomorrow we have the APFT- Army Physical Fitness Test. To pass I have to do 40 push ups, 45 sit ups (each in under 2 minutes), and run 2 miles under 17:00 minutes. I'm not worried about passing, normally, but I'm hoping I'm over the little sickness I've had the past couple of weeks. I should be fine.

I guess my only complaint right now is the housing. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, Dozier Hall is full. This morning I went to make myself an English Muffin and found out, much to my dismay, that I have no toaster in the "kitchen." Just a small microwave and a mini-refrigerator. Oh well. Our "normal" accomodations are in one-bedroom apartments, but it's a blessing that we have so many students that some of us have to be over here. It's good for the Army and good for the soldiers who need pastors in their units!


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