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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Big Issues

Today we dealt with more big issues. First off in the morning was a briefing (class) about counseling homosexuals. In the Army you cannot be homosexual and stay in the Army. Obviously we have the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but if it becomes public or one acts on that homosexuality, his or her Army career is over. Personally, I agree with this policy. As Army chaplains, every told to us in counseling is private, including a Soldier's admission of homosexuality. But if they want to come forward, we are to help them leave the Army and do it with respect. They are people, sinners just like us, and we are called to make sure they are not mistreated, even though their lifestyle is incompatible with military service.

We spent the rest of the day talking and learning about how to conduct military funerals. Kind of interesting, but probably not enough to post on here.

One other thing that has come up today, is that I continue to learn about myself. One thing I have seen is that I do have a competitive streak. I saw it today when we ran for PT. We ran a couple of miles, but would stop at places and run sprints. I find myself absolutely compelled to beat whomever I am running against. [which I did :) ] I don't think of myself as competitive with others (I am very competitive with myself), but this reminded me that I do have that competitive streak. I have also seen it in the past in terms of academics and other sports, but PT has helped remind me of it.


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