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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Today was a little longer than yesterday.  We began as usual with PT (Physical Training).  I am placed in the A-B group, which runs faster, and the other group is C-D.  For our training, the A-B group ran 60/120s.  Basically, this means that we sprinted for 60 seconds, walked for 120, sprinted for 60 seconds, then walked for 120, etc.  We did it and it burned after a while.  My legs are sore now...which doesn't happen much.

We then had a day of instruction about writing CMRPs- Command Master Religious Programs, which includes budgeting, using Microsoft Excel, making long term and short terms plans, and the different types of funds we have:  Appropriated (basically, money from Congress) and Non-Appropriated (which basically is offering money at chapel).

One thing about the Army that is interesting is how efficient it can be, in sort of an inefficient way.  Last week there was a death on campus, of a soldier, from heat exhaustion.  So, the leaderhip on Post put together the command that all soldier be instructed in heat exhaustion.  Within days, cards with lots of info were printed up for us to carry, presentations were put together, and every soldier is being briefed.  It all happens so quickly because of the way the Army works.

Yet, in other ways the Army can be slow to adapt.  For example:  why we still do traditional sit ups, when everyone knows how bad they are for you.  Or how we spend a lot of time standing around waiting...known affectionately within the Army as "hurry up and wait time."  Regardless, the Army is an interesting study, and I'm proud to be part of it.


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