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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is the War right or not?

It's been both interesting and discouraging to see the way Americans have changed their feelings about the War on Terror over the last few years. In a lot of ways, I think it speaks to the short attention spans we have, as well as the ability of the media to shape perceptions and views. Most people are aware that support for the war, as well as support for President Bush and his administration, have fallen dramatically.

What amazes me is how quickly the perceptions have changed, as well as the double standard in how the war is reported. I would like to spend a few posts talking about why that is, and why i believe the war is a just and needed war.

To do that, I would like to address some of the objections to the war, one at a time, over the next days and weeks. Here are some of the common objections I have heard, which I will address: the war in Iraq is a distraction from the war on terror; Saddam didn't have WMD- we were lied to; we have been there too long, when will the troops come home; and democracy will never work in Iraq.

One of the other trends I have noticed is a constant and brewing hatred of President Bush. I honestly just don't get it. Leaving the war along for a second: the economy is incredibly strong...unemployment is very low, lower than during much of the Clinton presidency. This is in light of the huge hit the economy took on September 11th, as well as the fact that the economy was already in recession when Bush took office. Bush is also attacked as being dishonest, yet no one can honestly come up with anything tangible that he had lied about! (there are allegations that he lied about the war, which I will address in a later post) In fact, one of his hallmarks is that he is up front and brutally honest, sometimes saying things people don't want to hear, but saying it because he believes it.

I lament the attitude in our nation that we should demonize those with whom we have a disagreement. I understand that many people disagree with the war in Iraq, but why do we have to make those in the administration out to be utterly evil in order to do so. What I hope to do in my postings over the next days and weeks is to have a sensible conversation about what is happening in Iraq, and the war on terror, by wading through a lot of the negative propaganda.

I'll be interested in comments from others!


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