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Monday, February 27, 2006

Being Mobilized

I recently got the word I am being mobilized for OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). It was unexpected, but getting the news was still a big deal for my family and me. Right now I am tentatively set to mob on 18 June, and head to Fort Dix, New Jersey shortly thereafter, and then onto the OIF theater.

I plan to keep a blog while I am there. I know that we have to be very careful about our blogs in consideration of OPSEC, so my intent will be to keep the blog with a focus on my own emotions, thoughts, opinions, experiences and photos. I most likely will not be able to write much about the details of my mission, but I guess I find that out as time goes on.

My own feelings since finding out have been mixed. On the one hand I will miss my family tremendously, and it will be incredibly painful to be separated from them. On the other hand, I feel God's leading in this, and I believe He has called me to minister to soldiers, and this is part of that ministry. For the most part, this has resulted in a feeling of adrenaline more than anything.

I'm not afraid of going over there, but not because I'm brave. Honestly, I just don't know what to expect. I don't know if I'll be in Iraq, or Kuwait; even if I'm in Iraq, I don't have any frame of reference because I've never been deployed. It will be interesting to track my feelings and experiences in the months to come once I have experienced the deployment and all it entails.


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