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I am a chaplain in the US Army, serving in Iraq. I'm keeping a blog to share my thoughts and experiences while deployed. They are my thoughts and they don't necessarily reflect the opinions of the US Army! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today was really interesting. We spent all day (from 9am to 9pm), in class learning how to use the FBCB2 communication device. Essentially it’s a device that combines real time GPS imagery, instant messaging and classic military overlays to helps soldiers to fight and communicate in battle better.

They basically gave us an overview, but it will be interesting to use it if I am deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

The time is going quickly for me. Graduation is two weeks from this Friday. I understand it’s only Monday, but I can see that the time is going quicker than it did at either of my last two sessions down here.

I look forward to next week, when we spend the week in the field, including sleeping, and put together everything we have learned. I don’t know all that it entails, and they have not told us a lot, but I assume we will do things such as land and night navigation (probably involving some sleep deprivation), along with running mock operations and responding to a mock mass casualty situation. We will head out into the field with a 4 or 5 mile road march, and I assume that I will be completely soaked with sweat from that point on for the rest of the week! It should be a good time.


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