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Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Call for Civility

I just finished reading the book 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America, by Bernard Goldberg ( It is a fun, engaging read, and his main argument is a plee for the hysteria, incivility and anger in our nation, mainly coming from the left, to cease. He bemoans the lack of civility in political discourse, the desire to trash those that disagree with your viewpoints, and the declining tolerance for conservative viewpoints from liberals in the media and the academic world.

His book finishes up with a paragraph I'd like to quote. Goldberg writes:

"So, what is it that so many ordinary Americans want? It's actually pretty simple. We want a little more appreciation for the values that most of us- liberals as well as conservatives, Democrats as well as Republicans- used to take for granted: civility, mutual respect, a semblance of decency and yes... a little old-fashioned love of country, too. Is that asking too much?"

To which I answer: I hope not. It would be great to see America return to the civility and respect that Goldberg describes.

He also laments the constant America-bashing in our society...that always seeks to blame us for all the problems in the world. In fact, the #1 person on his list is Michael Moore, and Goldberg includes this quote from Moore, in which he (Moore) is speaking of Americans: "They are possibly the dumbest people on the planet...."

Admittedly, I disagree with just about every political belief that Michael Moore holds. But one would think that his political message is a little obscured with his obvious disdain, even hatred, for the American people.

I agree with Goldberg that we need a little more kindness and civility in our nation, particularly in the national discourse about so many important subjects.


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