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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's our fault

Here is what John Leo has written recently with regard to the London bombings:

"In the wake of the London bombings, New York City is now searching the bags of subway riders. As you might expect, this is provoking the usual cluster of perverse reactions. Someone on Air America, the liberal talk radio network, suggested that riders carry many bags to confuse and irritate the cops. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, normally a sane fellow, has ordered that the searches be entirely random, to avoid singling out any one ethnic or religious group. So if someone fits the suicide bomber profile—young Muslim male, short hair, recently shaved beard or mustache, smelling of flower water (a preparation for entering paradise)—the police must look away and search the nun or the Boy Scout behind him. What's the point of stopping a terrorist if you have to trample political correctness to do it? Besides, the New York Civil Liberties Union opposes all bag searches. No surprise there. The national American Civil Liberties Union still opposes passenger screening at airports. In a speech at the Brookings Institution, historian Fred Siegel said that the Democrats, pegged as the party of criminals' rights, are in danger of becoming the party of terrorists' rights."

Searching bags is common sense. We Americans hate to be inconvenienced, so in the name of "civil rights" we fight against common sense.

Racial profiling in certain circumstances can be an ugly and hurtful thing. For example, stopping a black person in their car just because he or she is black is wrong. But profiling potential terrorists in the wake of 9/11, 7/7 and 7/21 is common sense.

If we have nothing to hide, why should we care about an extra search here and there? Moreover, if all of the terrorism in the last four years had been committed by Swedish, Lutheran pastors, I would not mind being scrutinized a little extra. But the reality is that the terrorism aginst Americans and Brits has been exclusively carried out by Muslims, most often male, and most often young. So why pretend it is anything different?


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