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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flying Out

Today I found out when I depart for the Middle East. I cannot, for obvious reasons, reveal when that will be, but the day is coming sooner than later. I'm excited. This is what I've been training for, and I'm ready to go. In addition, the sooner I go, the sooner I will most likely see my family again.

I looked up the forecast for Kuwait today. The ten day forecast includes nothing lower than 116 degrees for the high. How can it be so hot? I guess I'll soon find out. Maybe it's really not that warm, and the Weather Channel web site is just having some fun with me. I doubt it.

The only relief will be that there is no humidity. It is so humid down here in Mississippi, in addition to the warm weather. While Kuwait will be warmer, I wonder if it won't feel better?

In a strange way, I am going to miss Mississippi. Do I want to stay here? No...I want to get going and get to work. But I've been here for almost two months, and I'm starting to get used to the place. Maybe I'll get a University of Southern Mississippi t-shirt as a souvenir.


Anonymous Tracy said...

You continue to be in our prayers. All the best and thank you so much for what you all are doing for the rest of us.

2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone ever says to you, "yeah, but it's a dry heat, remind them that it's 350 degrees inside your oven, but it's a dry heat. And then tell them that in Iowa it sometimes gets to -30 degrees, but it's a dry cold.

You and your entire family continues to be in our prayers.

Take care--

6:08 PM  

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