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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tropical Storm Chris

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Tropical Storm Chris has formed in the Caribbean, and is headed northwest. I have to note this, because this is the first Tropical Storm with whom I have shared a name. I feel proud.

If you want, click here to track the storm. It would be kind of funny if the storm hit Mississippi while I was here. Well, not that hurricanes are funny, but I mean funny in the sense of "wow, what a coincidence." I would say ironic, but I don't think it fits the definition of ironic. Just kind of weird.

(can anyone tell I'm ready to head overseas?)


Anonymous Carole Hamill said...

Chris -- it is awesome that your sense of humor is so....awesome!! That is certainly apparent that your calling is joyful! I know the days there are long...but we are told that if you go and serve with the right attitude that is the attitude that God desires. And your humor that we all know and love is so neat to see and feel from afar. The comments of hurricane Chris made me literally laugh out loud!!! Thanks for the laugh... We are continuing to pray each day for your early departure and your safety of course!

Carole Hamill

5:48 PM  

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