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Friday, July 14, 2006

Life at Shelby

Well it’s been a while since I posted, but it’s mainly because there hasn’t been much to write. I’m in full blown “hurry up and wait” mode. Right now we’re working up the chain of command to see if they can send us earlier. I’m not scheduled to leave for a while, but hopefully we can move it up.

That brings me to an interesting subject, and that is OPSEC (operational security). When I do eventually find out when I am leaving, I will not post it online, or probably even be able to tell others the exact date. A ssoldiers, we have to maintain security and that includes things like not disclosing departure times, exact areas of operations, schedules and other common sense things.

I’m getting into a routine with my free time. Some days I have a number of things to do, such as the chaplain training on Mondays and Thursday in the morning, while others days I have very little to do. As strange as it sounds, boredom is one of the biggest struggles for soldiers. So I’ve kept busy with working out, keeping things clean, and surfing the web. I’ve got to walk about a mile for internet access, but it’s worth it when the boredom set in. It also makes you appreciate life when you realize all of the things you normally are obligated to do. Having a day off now and then is nice, but you quickly find out that too much of nothing is too much.

I hope all are well, and I will try and post more frequently in the coming days.


Blogger Mark true said...


Are there opportunities for you to pastor soldiers with you in the same mode? I'm sure there are a lot of opportunities to help your fellow soldiers - and in a way, they help you - as you all deal with the future, the struggles and the unknown.

I imagine it's a bit like the apostles, the night after Jesus died. They didn't understand it even then, even with all Jesus had told them. They had to be very fearful, I imagine. Yet, at some level, they also had to be thinking about their assigned task.

Do you think they knew what they were to do, but were afraid, of do you think they couldn't see what they were to do, until Jesus returned to them, talked to them, broke bread with them and then opened their eyes?


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