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Friday, June 23, 2006

Online in Mississippi

Wow! I'm finally able to update my blog. It's been a little bit of time. First things first: I miss all of you in Iowa (and Minnesota and Florida). I miss Iowa, too. It's easy to forget how awesome the midwest is until you leave.

Here are some pictures of where I am staying.

This first one (on the left) is a picture of my barrack. Nice, huh? Yeah, right. It's a conder block building and the picture makes it look nicer than it is on the outside. But inside? Not so bad. The air conditioning is VERY strong. In fact, I got there and took the bunk beneath the AC because I thought that was smart, but was so cold the first night that I could hardly sleep. I have taken to sleeping in sweats, and using my towels to form a barrier between the air conditioner and myself.

The second picture is my bunk and living space. I now have my stuff kind of arranged in the locker to the left (from your view) of my bed, and it's not so bad. Not good. But could be worse.

Personally, I'm getting into the swing of things. I was quite down the first two days. I have no problem saying that as a chaplain because I understand what other soldiers experience, as I experience it myself. Being away from my family is just about the worst thing in the world. I can't quantify it. BUT, God is awesome, and my spirits have really lifted today, as I expected.

Today and tomorrow we have quite a bit of time. We have already been through the SRP process (essentially paperwork) and been issued equipment. We got through all of it in about four hous, and it takes some units a whole week. This coming Sunday through Saturday, we will cram about 3 months of training into that time. Why? Because I requested it (pushed for it). I want to get our work done in terms of the basic soldiering training because then I can work on some chaplain specific training as well as help out in the chapel!

Here is my address down here:

CPT, Magnell, Christian

Replacement Company

2490 25th Street

Camp Shelby, MS 39407

I also have my cell phone with me, for those of you that know that number. I will write more, possibly tomorrow, but Sunday (June 25) through Saturday (July 1st) you may not hear from me. God bless you all.



Anonymous IaGal said...

My God walk with you and keep his hand on your shoulder. You are in our prayers and our hearts. Thank you SO much for doing what you do for the rest of us and you'll be home in no time. *hugs* Tracy Fahrion (LCC Member)

3:48 AM  

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