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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Interesting news week

It was interesting to see Congress debate the war in Iraq this week. There was a vote in the Senate to remove the troops from Iraq, and only 6 Senators voted for it (i.e., only 6 voted to remove the troops from Iraq). Among those six who voted to withdraw are troops were Tom Harkin (Iowa), John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. I can't believe they actually believe we should cut and run. I'm glad it didn't pass. In my opinion, the US needs to finish what it started; while we Americans have increasingly shorter attention spans, we cannot afford to do this with international affairs. This week shows that we are making progress. Japan and South Korea are great examples of what happens when we stick by our commitments; the persecution of Christians in Viet Nam shows what happens when we don't follow through. I would like to think that the US is a nation that doesn't quit. The insurgents in Iraq have been counting on us to quit, as documents seized from Al-Zarqawi have indicated. But you know what? I have a good feeling we're not going to quit this effort, and that we will see this thing through.

Another interesting news item: apparently Saddam was cultivating relations with the Taliban before 9/11 Click here for the article. I bet it won't get much coverage. :) Saddam and the Taliban had discussed their common enemy, the US, and had agreed to a secret intelligence relationship. If we can stick this thing out, and the Iraqis can maintain this democracy, I believe that history will look very kindly on getting Saddam out of power, as well as overthrowing the Taliban in Afghanistan.


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