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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pop Culture and Christianity

One of the changes that I will have in my ministry as an Army Chaplain is greater contact with unchurched soldiers. As a pastor, the reality is that the vast majority of people with whom I interact on a daily basis are already Christians or at least leaning strongly in that direction. (this reminds us why it is so important that all Christians take ministry seriously, because they will probably have a greater contact with, and greater impact on the lives of unchurched people than a pastor will ever have)

As a chaplain, however, I will mix with soldiers of all faiths, including no faith. While the Army, from my perspective, has a decidedly positive climate toward Christianity, it will be interesting to be able to run in circles different than I do now.

Along those lines, another book I'm reading right now looks at the intersection of Christianity and Pop Culture. The book is called Pop Goes Religion, and consists of a series of articles written by author Terry Mattingly over the past ten years. It's an entertaining read and when you look at our culture, there is more wrestling with Christianity (in a good way) in pop culture than most of us are willing to admit!


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