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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One week to go

Well, it's one week from today until we leave for Mississippi. While I'm sad to leave my family, I'm excited to get going with everything. I am very proud to be deploying; for so many years I have supported the military from the sidelines, and now I actually get to go and serve this country myself.

There is very little left in terms of preparation. I continue to try and get into shape. This morning I ran 6.25 miles- over three laps around Gray's Lake in Des Moines. I was tempted to finish the fourth and go 8 miles, but I figured I shouldn't push it.

On another note, yesterday President Bush flew to Iraq to visit with the new Prime Minister of Iraq. Contrary to what some might say in the media, things are looking up in Iraq. I wish we got both sides of the story; no, let me rephrase that- I wish we were not in such a negative phase in our nation right now. Honestly, I like George Bush and think he's doing a very good job under difficult circumstances. I understand those who have policy disagreements with him; I just don't know why we, as a nation, have made it so personal toward those with whom we disagree.

President Bush is just finishing up a press conference as I speak. It sounds like the Iraqi government, with our assistance and guidance, has a plan and is headed in the right direction.


Anonymous Tracy Van Wyk said...

Chris, I have just added your blog to my favorites list. I look forward to reading your postings and feelings from your view. I didn't get the chance to say good-bye and Good Luck, but want you to know that I think it's so awesome what you are scacraficing for this country. I and my family thank you and all the other soldiers for what you are about to do and what they have already done. I know God will be with you and your family and carry all of you through the days ahead. We'll miss you and that "Minne SOOOO ta" accent and humor!
Be safe! God Bless! Hugs!
The Van Wyk's
Craig, Tracy, Ryan and Katie

7:34 PM  

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