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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Home Station Training

Today was my second day on home station training. This is, essentially, a period during which we train on certain Unit Ministry Team tasks, as well as basic soldier skills (Warrior Task Training- WTT), as well as continue to pack our own supplies for mobilization. One of the tasks we trained on today was the Critical Incident Debriefing. This is a debriefing that a chaplain will give to a group of soldiers who have been through a traumatic event.

We're also doing PT (physical training) each morning. Today we ran four miles- twice around Gray's Lake here in Des Moines. I always feel better starting the day off with PT; I had been resting my knee after tweeking it during the Combat Lifesaver Course, but it feels great now.


Anonymous Aaron McKay said...

After attending the many deployment ceremonies at the Iowa National Guard and Army Reserve alike, I received my first taste of the reality family members feel in the crowd watching their loved one in formation to leave immediately for mobilization. 1LT Kathy McKay, a proud member of the 1034th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, is now at Ft. Bliss, Texas for mobilization training. It is likely she will be there for two to three months. After that, and upon arriving in what she affectionately refers to as “The Sandbox”, time will begin to count toward her twelve months “boots on ground”. May God continue to bless you, Chris, as you prepare for this deployment, as well as all the soldiers and families during this time.

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