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Friday, June 09, 2006

Mobilization Briefings

Last night we had the mobilization briefings that are held for soldiers and their families prior to being mobilized. They included information on Tricare (the military health system), Military One Source (a free reference and counseling source for all soldiers and their families), legal information, words of encouragement, as well as the chaplain's briefing and a ceremony in which we and our families were given coins.

The exchange of coins is a military tradition. Many units have specially designed coins, as do certain high ranking officers. For example, last night we received coins designed for the commander of the 89th RRC (who currently is Major General Broadway) which reflect service as a mobilized soldier.

There was a lot of information, but it was helpful. Personally, with my limited experience over the past few years, I believe the Army does a good job of supporting and encouraging its soldiers. Do people fall through the cracks? Of course. But they really try hard to get us the information needed; the key is to pay attention even if you think you won't ever need it.


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