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Monday, June 26, 2006

Staying Busy

Well, I have a break in training- which I didn't think I would- so I have some time to write a little. Yesterday was busy; land navigation in the morning (i.e., using a compass, map, GPS to navigate on foot), following was WTT (Warrior Task Training, also called CTT) in the evening. WTT is the basic soldiering stuff that we got in basic- treating injuries, high crawling, low crawling, throwing hand grenades (well, chaplains don't get to do that, but I still stay with my soldiers while they do), and so on. Unfortunately, it starting pouring as we started, and my group my was doing the high crawl/low crawl portion. So we were soaking wet during the whole evening, and by the time training was done around midnight, I was just getting dry.

Tonight we have more WTT training, including going through the gas chamber! Haven't done that since Officer Basic Course. I expect we'll be done tonight around the same time- close to midnight.


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