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Saturday, July 08, 2006

More Hurry Up And Wait

Well, I'm fully into the "hurry up and wait" mode now. We are green in DARTS- meaning we have completed all of the Army mandated training to deploy. We are not, however, scheduled to leave until late August. What does that mean? Not a lot to do for the next six weeks unless they decide to send us early, which is always possible.

Since I don't have much to write about, I've posted a video of me riding in the top of a Humvee. Go to: in order to watch the video. If you have high speed internet, it should be fine to view. Here the high speed wireless is not very high speed, so I have to try it a couple of times to watch.

Other than that, not much has changed here. Camp Shelby is not exactly the ideal place to be with nothing to do. The DFAC (Dining Facility) we're supposed to eat at is 2 miles from our barrack, there is a small gym near us, and, of course, this wireless place about a mile from my barrack. It wouldn't be so bad if the buses ran on regular schedules, but I end up walking almost anywhere I go. The nice part of this, however, is that almost anywhere I go overseas will be nicer than Camp Shelby! (as an aside: the people are great, in my opinion... this just isn't a good place to mobilize from)


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