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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back from the Field

Well, I'm back from the field. It's amazing how a week and a half ago, I felt like the Barracks here were, well, not very nice. Now, I feel like I am coming back to luxury. Nice to have a little air conditioning.

It was a busy few days. Basically, to keep it short, here is what we did: we went out to run mock convoys. We would run four or five humvees onto a range, where we would encounter, and suppress, enemy fire, encounter IEDs (improvised explosive devices), RPGS (rocket propelled grenades) and the like. We ran the lane three times: the first with the mounted gunners being the only ones firing real bullets, once with everyone firing blanks, and once with all live ammo.

I'm tired now. But it was fun, and I really enjoy the camaraderie. I'm not going to write much mroe right now, but I'm posting some pictures. One is a picture of me in the gun turrent (but without a gun, of course), another is a picture of me in my IBA (Individual Body Armor) and another is a picture of our tent. The IBA is very heavy..I don't know how many pounds, but maybe 30 pounds?

Anyway, I'll write more as time allows! God bless-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to keep your blog updated. It's very interesting. I pray for your safe return. You look good in your pics! Thank you for spreading the Word. Nancy Orth

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