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I am a chaplain in the US Army, serving in Iraq. I'm keeping a blog to share my thoughts and experiences while deployed. They are my thoughts and they don't necessarily reflect the opinions of the US Army! :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Quick Post

I am just in between training- tomorrow, probably around 5am, we will head out to the field/woods, where we will stay until late Saturday. Whee. It'll be busy, but I'm enjoying the training. Today was training with Humvees, in terms of what to do about IEDs, how to dismount and take positions when the convoys come under fire, and things like that.

A bunch of you have emailed me, and I will get back to you soon- maybe this Sunday after training is done. I just don't have much time on the computer right now, and none (obviously) until we get back from the field. God bless!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris - I just checked your blog for the first time and it's great to hear what you have been doing since you have been gone. Glad to hear things are going well so far. We sure miss you at LCC and hope that all the soldiers realize how lucky they are to have you! I've been sending up prayers often for you and we think about you a lot. Take care and be safe! Rachelle Bowers

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