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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some random things

I wandered over to the bazaar today and bought this vase for my wife. It is made by an artist here in Baghdad. The Arabic writing on the vase is actually a poem. I really like the way Arabic script looks.

Yesterday I posted some quotes from an author and I discussed how certain tones affect Soldiers. One of my good friends, who is opposed to the war, emailed me and made some good points. One of them was to point out that the person I quoted is NOT one of the main authors on Daily Kos. My bad. It doesn't change the tone of his comments, but I don't want to imply that he is the creator of the post or anything.

He also reaffirmed that there are many, like him, who do support the troops, and do support the war in Afghanistan, while opposing the war in Iraq. I respect that, even though we have different opinions.

So the question is how to discuss the war in a way that doesn't involve name calling, like the gentleman I quoted, or the demonizing of the administration, and, instead, how to discuss solutions for victory. It's not an easy balance to strike.

In the meantime, I am trying to absorb as much as I can here- from other Soldiers, from the Iraqis, from what I'm seeing, from my own learning process. It has clarified my resolve that we need to see this thing through, and I hope that we as a nation can come together on that.


Blogger Lundie said...

The vase is beautiful!!

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris the vase is beautiful, I do not think that our country will ever come together on this or any other issues, this particular issue will never come to rest at this point with the election year approaching quickly. I just have a hard time seperating this issue from the others, do we not do the same things in Afghanistan, I understand that not as many of our troops are being injured or killed in Afghanistan that Iraq, but we are doing the same thing there and in Iraq. The candidates for President have not yet went heavy on this subject, but when they do we will hear many talk about leaving, which is the wrong thing to do, we need to make sure that the area is stable before we even think of leaving..


5:30 PM  

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