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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wisconsin is #1.. no, literally!

Well, I just got online this morning, and saw that my alma mater, the Wisconsin Badgers, have jumped to #1 in the AP Poll for Men's Basketball. It doesn't really matter if we're number 1 right now... it's who is number 1 in the last poll that matters. And, we DO have to go on the road to face the #2 team in the nation, Ohio State, on Sunday. We beat them at home earlier this year, but it will be tough to do it again on the road.
Still, it's better than a kick in the shin! On Wisconsin!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure if Wisconsin allows non-Alum to be fans, but since I am neither an Iowa or an Iowa State fan, can I apply as one?

When I saw #1 had been beaten my first thought was of you and I was wondering if Wisconsin would get the #1 nod. I am excited for you!

I remember a Timberwolves game we went to a couple of years ago--it was such a blast--not only enjoying the game, but watching the passion you have for YOUR teams! That evening, the conversation we had on the way up, the rowdyness we experienced at the game and such, will always be a fond memory I will carry with me!

And the stuff we did before the game! Especially the shoot-out we got into! What a blast! I am not sure that day could EVER be recreated and I am grateful for that moment and those memories!

Go Wisconsin! It's a great state. I love visiting the LaCrosse area in the fall. I enjoy watching That 70's Show.

Keep up the good work, Chris. You are in our prayers!


3:48 PM  
Blogger Larry said...

Is it a coincidence that my HS (Indianola) Is sharing the title of #1 in the metro conference? Maybe there is a reason the Indianola fight song is On Wisconsin? just a thought!


4:42 AM  

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