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Friday, August 25, 2006

Random Thoughts

I went for a run last night (around 10pm), and ran along one of the artificial lakes built for Saddam's palace. That was different. Kind of like running around a lake at home, except that they don't have palaces the used to belong to an evil dictator! :)

Life here at Camp Liberty is pretty good. Food is good, the PX (Post Exchange- basically kind of like a WalMart) is large. There are also local vendors from whom you can buys things. I have already bought a couple of gifts for my boys.

Another thing that is important to note: troop morale is very high. People are, by and large, excited to be here, and feel good about their work. I know many of you have heard so many times that the media distorts the news, but it's true. I have even heard first hand about numbers of deaths and injuries of Iraqis that have been just flat out wrong. Is there violence here? Of course; it's a very dangerous time. There is a lot of fighting going on between Iraqis. In some ways probably similar to our inner city gangs, but with quite a bit more violence. And yet these are not organized Armies, fighting for control of the government like in a civil war. Given time- lots of time- the Iraqi Army and Police should be able to stand up and take control of the situation.

I just feel like I should say that the feeling I get from troops here is very different than what we see on TV back home.

One other interesting thing: there are troops that I have seen here and in Kuwait from so many different nations: Australia, Great Britain, Japan, and other countries.


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