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Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's a good thing

There is an interesting article on regarding the Army monitoring the various blogs and websites being written by Soldiers. I think this is an important task. As much as I enjoy keeping a blog, I would hate to think that I would include information that would compromise operational security (OPSEC). Having a group to monitor the various blogs, and provide guidance, is a good thing which will help keep Soldiers secure. Click here to read the article.

Communication is completely different in this war than in past conflicts. Soldiers have the opportunity to communicate in an almost unchecked, instantaneous fashion. While it's nice for keeping in touch with loved ones, it can also compromise security of fellow Soldiers.

When I blog, some of the things I will not/cannot say include: information and times about Soldiers traveling, including routes they take; names of my family members; pictures that could compromise security here (for example, a picture of the front gate and the security there); information about operations; names of other Soldiers, and so on.

We have to assume that the enemy is reading blogs. Why? Because they are. We have to think carefully about what is written and ask: would it help a terrorist to harm US interests if they knew this information. If so, don't write it.


Anonymous Rev Randy richards said...

i ran Across this blog and had to wright to you .thanks for the truth about are freedom in American and how long it took .i am behind the troops all the way .and pray for all of you coutinually.i myself am a i am a georgia so we talk plan so thanks and GOD Bless your work

9:11 PM  

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