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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Incarnational Letter

Sometimes something happens that just makes God physically tangible in a certain way. Communion is, of course, one of the ways God reminds us, physically, of His love and grace.

Well, today I received a letter that did the same thing. A classmate of my Father-in-law sent me a letter in which he offered words of encouragement, and told me that his intercessorary prayer group had been praying for me. Along with his letter was a bunch of short notes from members of that group.

It blew me away. I was brought to the verge of tears. I can't readily explain why. There are many people from back home who are praying for me and the other Soldiers, but something about receiving a hand-written note from a group of people in Nashville, Tennessee... it just reminded me, in a tangible, incarnational way, of the love of God.

God is amazing. How can someone like me have any right to serve Him? Yet God is so real, wonderful and present...but sometimes we are so inwardly focused that we fail to notice.

I walked out to the restroom earlier. I heard lots of gunfire. Some of it is Ramadan celebrations. Some of it is... well, who knows. Maybe firefights or somewhere else. But I do know this: the violence, hatred and chaos of this world is a passing phenomenon. God is coming... and His love is tangible for us now, as we wait for His move in this world.

Thank God for reminders like the letter I got today, as well as the many emails I get, every day, from people praying for all of us over here.


Anonymous Margit and Tom said...

Hey Bro!

We miss you lots! That is so touching that they sent you hand written letters.
Ole is sitting next to me and barked to say hi ;) I am sure everyone reading this comment thinks I am weird, and you are right, I am. I learned from the best-You :)
Can't wait to talk to you soon.



1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...And I'm sure everyone will think it is weird that you probably sang a song back to Ole when he barked at you. If not then, the singing ensued shortly after. And dancing. Can't wait to see you all at Thanksgiving.

Love you all,

2:20 AM  

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