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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Top Ten List

Living conditions for us over here really are pretty decent, but today I've compiled a short list of the top ten things I miss from back at home. These are in no particular order, and they do not include my family and church, both of which are obvious! So, here they are:

-Driving a car
-Pepperoni Pizza (the brand doesn't matter at this point!)
-Knowing I can sleep through the night (and get 8 full hours of sleep)
-Watching Badgers and Vikings football on Saturday and Sunday afternoons
-Going to Iowa Stars hockey games
-My wife's cooking
-TV (sad but true...Battlestar Galactica and Lost especially)
-Wearing clothes that aren't camoflauge
-No rockets and mortars- which are both bad
-The change of seasons

That's not it, but I said 10, so I'll stop there.


Anonymous Mom said...

I wish I could send all of those things to you, but....I would if I could!! :o)

Your family misses you very much also!! Love you very much!


10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10 things I miss about you--again in no particular order:

-Being able to pick up the phone and call you anytime, and not have it cost seven bucks a minute
-having lunch with you
-wearing a UNLV Sweatshirt to church on the day that UNLV beats Wisconsin in football
-Watching your video clips and trying to figure out how you are going to relate Bevis and that other guy to your sermon
-Seeing you get excited about most Vikings scoring touchdowns (with perhaps exception of one from last season--some guy named Moss, I think it was)
-Listening to your subtle jokes during your sermons
-Seeing your genuine compassion for people in the streets of Mexico, Des Moines, or anywhere else we are
-They way you put your finger under your nose when you are making a point
-Giving you a hug when I haven't seen you for a while
-Your Wisconsin Tie

You continue to be in our prayers--the rest of it will wait a few days. We pray for your protection and the protection of your men. While you take care of business in Iraq, we will handle things here for you.


11:08 PM  
Blogger Ray Family said...

I brought up in my sons Cub Scout pack meeting last night about possibly sending a care package for you and others over there with you. I have heard things like books and dvd's are popular items to help pass the time. Is this something you are interested in? And what would you reccommend?

7:25 PM  

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