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Friday, October 13, 2006

Real time weather

While people back home are getting off of lunch break, and seeing snow, we're getting a sand storm as I write this- lightning, thunder, rain, wind, and... sand. Man, I was outside taking pictures of the storm when all of a sudden there was a gust of wind and everything was just... sand and dust. Same thing inside the building. The chronology of the photos goes from the bottom (first) to the top (last).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris--it really made my day when my cell phone rang and it was you calling Austin, Grant and I as we camped on the roof of Hy-Vee raising funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

People have been very generous and supportive and we have had a blast! Our mission is nothing like yours (not as dangerous and certainly not as far from home) but certainly both have far reaching implications.

God Bless your mission, Chris. And, thanks for making our day!


11:03 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Chris!

I guess I won't complain about the snow (tooo much) - that sand looks like it could be painful to the face!! As usual, I LOVE the pictures!!!

Keep safe - praying for you all the time!!

Love you and miss you!!


11:14 PM  

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