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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Setting Sun

It's hard to believe I've been in Iraq about 3 months now. I'm currently at FOB Rustamiyah, but will soon be going to another FOB. I can't be specific about the dates; however, this afternoon it hit me that I will actually be sad to leave this place.

Rustamiyah has a bad reputation in Baghdad- some say it is the most dangerous FOB in Baghdad right now. It's smelly, and it's in a bad part of town. But right now it's home. I have grown to love the people I'm serving alongside, as well as the local Iraqi vendors that I have met, and the variety of people from other countries.

Just this afternoon, I sat in my office with another chaplain and an Iraqi. The Iraqi man sat and jammed on a guitar, and sang a variety of songs, including some stuff he has written. At one point this Iraqi friend pointed out that we all- Iraqis and Americans- are just people, all humans with the same basic wants and needs. Yep, he's right.

I pray for God to bless both of our nations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris -

Your feelings for where you are, what you do and who you do it for speaks volumes about you as a person and I personally want to say that makes me feel Blessed to call you my Pastor. The fact that you volunteered to do what you do, knowing you could possibly go to that part of the world, and that you do it with such passion, is a testament to your character. I have a feeling that those you care for at your current FOB will miss you as much, if not more, than you will miss them. The FOB you are going to, will be Blessed to have you take care of them in only the way that someone who is so truely committed to Jesus Christ can do.
Please know you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers back here at LCC. We are humbled, as well as honored, to know that you are on the front lines on our behalf. Keep doing what you do and we'll keep doing what we do - that's the American way!
God Bless You!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous JHall said...

Pastor Christian,

I read what you had to say in your post and was very moved at the picture created of you and another chaplain and the Iraqi making music and was so touched by it. I wish all Americans could know and understand that all Iraqis are not the ones involved in the violence and that what your friend said is so true: we are all just people with the same wants and needs, joys and sorrows. Now I have read what the member of your home congregation has said and I am so touched I feel my eyes swimming!!! I am so glad I found this blog. You are officially on my prayers list. Many blessings to you as you go about God's and the Master's work.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Lori Hasenwinkel said...

The commitment you have to the people of Iraq and to the many soldiers serving is to say the least INCREDIBLE...for someone to have said something so hurtful in your own blog was beyond RUDE. You are in my prayers on a daily basis and I appreciate you taking the time to share what you are learning and observing while overseas. I am sure this is a difficult time of year for you being away from your family, but it is for your family and your boys that you serve. Please educate us all as best you can while your away...You do such a fabulous job when you are's a challenge to educate from so far away! You, I'm sure are up to it...God Speed...

11:07 PM  

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