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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Busy-ness and Daylight Savings Time

It's been busy around here lately, so I haven't been able to write as much. As you can imagine, with the surge of troops, it makes more planning for us, as part of our job at the Division level is to plan out coverage for all of our Soldiers- which is all of Baghdad. So, it's been interesting. The days go by very quickly.

We also started Daylight Savings Time on Friday night/ Saturday morning. A few weeks after the States, I understand. It's always nice to go out that first night (in this case, tonight) and realize it is light later than you anticipated! Small things, I guess, but still nice.

It's a great time of year here- I know the HOT weather is coming, but it's been pleasant... upper 70s and lower 80s still. A little rain now and then, but overall the climate isn't too bad. But summer is coming...

The nicest thing for me, climate wise, has been my allergies, or rather, my lack of allergies. Anyone back home knows that my allergies in the Midwest go nuts. I grew up in Minnesota, but moved out to California in high school, and my allergies were fine there. Going back to college in Wisconsin wasn't too bad, but the part of the Midwest I live in now seems to make my allergies bad... but it's been nice here in Iraq with now pollens, etc. Not that I want to stay here, but I haven't gotten sick since I left home. Oh well... I'd rather get periodic colds back at home than be sick-free and away from the family!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Chris:

I can't say that the lack of allergies makes up for the hardship of being in Iraq. Perhaps, you should consider California or the desert i.e. Tucson, Phoenix when you return. Florida isn't bad either, I know my allergies haven't bothered me there.

Unfortunately, it's politics as usual back here. I won't get into a discussion on the subject but I believe that Pelosi and Reid should consider the negatives that their actions are creating. Take care!

Love, Dad

4:57 AM  

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