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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Things You Don't Get Used To

Yesterday was a busy day... it began with a return to Camp Liberty via ground... late in the night/early morning. It's always strange traveling by ground, though our route was quite secure. I got back to my room around 5am, and hit my bed for a few hours and then headed into the office to catch up with things.

Later that day I represented the Division Chaplain's Office at a memorial ceremony for 4 Soldiers. I never get used to these. I have not kept track of the number of memorial ceremonies I have either attended, or performed, but it's far more than I would ever like. (obviously zero would be the perfect number).

The ceremony follows a standard format, and ends with the final roll call, the firing of volleys, taps and the rendering of honors. During last night's ceremony, we had incoming mortars during the firing of volleys. Fortunately, the mortars didn't hit anything or anyone, but it was bizarre to have the mortars bracketed by volleys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for serving this great nation and please say a prayer for my nephew in Fallujah with the Marines and all the ones serving there to keep US secure here at home, God bless you and the one percenters

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about a military funeral, I can hold it together until the guns, just something so symbolic about it.

I was chatting with a man from Iowa deployed in Iraq just the other night and he went on a back up mission, and came back a few hours later very shaken up, because a man was killed just 20 ft. from him. He is a single father and was having a very hard time not knowing his fate. Of course I awoke in the morning to it being the head story on yahoo, and I knew exactly who the one casuality was. Hit home with me, just how fast things can change.

Thanks for supporting them in their hour of need.

10:07 PM  

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