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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Things I'll Miss... sort of

I went for a long run today, around a lake we call "Lost Lake." From here to there and back, I think it was about 6 miles, and it kicked my butt. I just wasn't in a long run mode today.

As I was running along a wall that is adjacent to the outside, I had a very beautiful mosque in sight for much of the run. With a blue-tiled dome, and minarets, it was quite a nice view. They were also doing the prayer call and playing music for much of my run. I realized that it is these types of experiences that I'll miss when I head home. (don't get me wrong... I'll be more than ready to head home at the end of my tour, but there are some things I'll miss).

I also had that realization coming home tonight from the office. I leave the main division building to head home usually around midnight or a little later. I love this time of night. It's relatively quiet, the stars are bright, and the sound is broken by the occasional rush of a helicopter, barely visible, as it streaks across the sky. I enjoy it.

Along with that time of the night, walking and contemplating my day, I'll also miss being in the middle of everything. This may not make sense, though others over here would understand. But there is something about being in the mix. Being at the Division level there are things I see, know and hear of that never make the news. The media, whether Fox News or CNN, can never do justice to the experiences here in their short time slots. I'll miss seeing the human side of what is happening here.

I've still got a while until I return home. So... I'll keep writing, and continue to ask God to teach me from it all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We loved seeing the video at church this morning. :)
Thank you

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing along info. I don't have much time to read and it's good to hear from your point of view, along with a couple of other guys who are/have been over there.

Our prayers are with you!

M. Stuart

7:07 AM  

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