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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

It's snowing here in the Midwest! It's great. Snow isn't unusual in Minnesota in early April, but snow is still a nice surprise... as I was facing my first winter without seeing snow at all, for the first time in my life. Even when I lived in California, I would ski in the mountains almost every weekend.

Apparently, April is on pace to be the coldest April in 113 years. Keep it up! I'll be facing 90s when I get back to Iraq, so I'll take the cold weather now.

My youngest son is like me: he loves cold weather, so he's loving life right now.

Starting tomorrow, I think I will start postings some of my favorite pictures I've taken during my time in Iraq. Some of them will be repeats from past posts, but some will be new.

It will be kind of a "greatest hits" blog until I get back to posting from Iraq.


Anonymous Salomé said...

Ah... so you're in the States now? I must've missed a few posts, as I've been hectically busy and not been able to check up on your blog.
Wish we could have snow this side, we really don't actually know what it is, ;-) and it's supposed to be heading towards winter but it's still so hot.
I can't wait to see your "hit" post. Looking forward to that one. When do you go back to Iraq? Praying for it all!

4:26 PM  

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