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Friday, May 25, 2007

Various Things

Well, it's hot here. I suppose that goes without saying, but it really IS hot. My indoor/outdoor digital thermometer says it's 118 degrees, at 5:30pm. And it's May. Wow. My thermometer is not in direct sunlight, so it's been pretty accurate, when I look at the weather reports. And it's going to get much warmer.

I kind of like the heat though. We had a training exercise this morning, in our full body armor (after traveling back in my body armor from the IZ) and it got a little hot, but when I'm walking around without the armor, or even in my PT clothing, the heat actually feels nice at times. Then again, I like saunas.

It's been a relaxing week. I took a group of Soldiers on a retreat, again, to Freedom Rest in the IZ (the International Zone, also known as the Green Zone). We flew back this morning. Nothing like flying over Baghdad in a helicopter, with the windows open, at 125 mph! It is amazing how low and close the pilots will fly to certain things... such as power lines, buildings and other objects which are bad for helicopters!

I also want to say hi to the students at Haley Elementary School, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They posted some questions on my blog (see the post for 14 May, "Back to Blogging"). Anyway, to answer the students' questions: "Why don't you like spiders?" Well, for starters, they have 8 legs. I don't like creatures with that many legs. Six I can handle. Four is better. But eight legs.... ugh, that's terrible. Plus, they are kind of creepy, the way they just sort of hang out. And, some of them bite. I was bit by a poisonous spider when I was a camp counselor one summer in college. It was a Brown Recluse. It made me pretty sick for a couple of days. Of course, I didn't like spiders before that, but that made me like them even less.

Another student asked: "Were they big, and did you get bit?" No, I haven't been bit here. Yet. As far as the size... I've seen some on the bridge that are about one inch across, but the camel spiders here apparently can get about as big as a grown man's hand. I don't know what I'll do if I come across something that big. If it's by my room, I will use my anti-spider spray. (Camel Spiders are technically not spiders... they are a type of arachnid, but, they're close enough). There are also Scorpions here. I haven't seen any wild ones myself, but they don't bother me as much (unless I got stung). I'm not sure why they don't bother me as much... maybe because they have tails.

Also, I think it's cool that your class has a Spider-man themed bulletin board. I hope to see it in the movie theaters when I get back to the States.

Please keep all of our Soldiers and their families in your prayers, and keep up the great work at school!


Blogger Salomé said...

I could do with some of that heat over here. It's a little chilly. :-)
God bless.

Salomé (My compy won't allow me to sign in, so thus the anonymous comment. :-))

7:02 PM  
Blogger Salomé said...

Oh... it allowed me to sign in, I see. Computers are strange. God bless.

7:03 PM  

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