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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Winning Matters

Here is an excellent article, dealing with why we need to win in Iraq:

This is an excerpt from the article:

"What we have now is just a protracted guerilla war, one that cannot go on forever, because no war ever does. If you think the war is hard on you, since you have to hear about two or three American deaths on the news each night, imagine what it is like for the insurgents and their host population. They die in far larger numbers than we do, their families suffer deprivation, they are increasingly hounded by Iraqi death squads bent on block punishment, and they see their most hated enemy (Iran, not us) growing stronger, while their Al Qaeda “allies” try to brainwash their children and take over their communities."


"But we would do well to slog this war through. The consequences of defeat are too great for anyone who loves America -- Republican, Democrat, or Independent -- to allow that to happen. The troops in Iraq are not fighting for the ungrateful Iraqis as claimed by the demoralizers. They are fighting for America. [emphasis mine] They are fighting to avoid the worst-case scenario: defeat and its disastrous aftermath."

I'd encourage you to read the full article. It's a little political at the beginning, but the overall thrust of it, about the results of defeat, is right on the mark.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, that was interesting. Brilliant article!!! Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

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