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Monday, May 14, 2007

Back to Blogging

I haven't written anything in a while for two reasons: first, the Army has come out with new guidelines on blogging. Well, the guidelines aren't exactly new, but they are clarifying them. I wanted to make sure I was ok to blog, so I had our HHC Commander approve it, per the guidelines. He looked at it, and gave me the thumbs up.

The second reason, though, is that the Internet connection in my room has been terrible lately. I'm not sure why... if there is more dust, or if the heat interferes with the signal, but it's simply been very slow, and I've been unable to connect to Blogger. I could access it from my office, but, I think I should be blogging on my "own" time and not at the office.

So... I'm back up and running now. What's new? Well, it's getting hot. We've been seeing temperatures between 100 and 110 degrees. I've got the indoor/outdoor thermometer in my room, and it has been pretty accurate. At night, it gets into the lower 80s.

105 degrees doesn't feel too bad here, because it's dry, but I feel like my forehead is constantly wet. Other than that, it's much more preferable to 90 degrees and humid, like back in the Midwest.

Chapel services continue to have excellent attendance. At my Sunday evening service, I have been preaching through a sermon series on the basics of the Christian faith. When I finish this series, I plan to begin a new sermon series focused on Revelation 1-3, the messages to the churches, and how they apply to us.

Keep the Soldiers in your prayers. Most of you have seen that the media has been covering the 3 Soldiers who are missing in action, and from what I've read in the news, apparently Al Qaeda claims to have them. Pray for strength and safety for them, and pray that our Soldiers will be safely rescued.

And, last but not least, Happy Mother's Day to my Wife, my Mom, and my Mother-in-Law!


Blogger Lesley said...

Glad you are back! I'm glad you got two thumbs up. I will be praying for the missing soldiers.


2:18 AM  
Blogger Salomé said...

Nice to see you're blogging again. I will pray for the soldiers too. I heard about it on the news the other day. My heart aches when I things like that.
God bless!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Dear Sir,
My class is reading your blog site and they would like to comment about your spider blog.
Jacob said, Were they big, and did you get bit?" Jake said, "I know how you feel because my sister is terrified of them too!" Chelsea said, "I hope you don't run into any more spiders." Angela said, "Why don't you like spiders?" The students also mentioned that our bulletin board has a spiderman theme. We hope you stay safe and thanks for all you do.

Mr. Megles
Haley Elementary
Fort Wayne, Indiana

7:28 PM  

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