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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Flying Across Baghdad

It was a busy day today! I jumped in a helicopter and flew to another FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Baghdad and helped with a worship service. What an incredible feeling that was zipping along just over the rooftops across Baghdad. It was a beautiful flight, and I loved the view.

Later this afternoon, I made some trips around Camp Liberty, including a visit to what used to be Saddam's main palace. I got to sit in his "throne," and get my picture take. The building itself is incredible- everything is marble, almost like a state capitol building. There is intricate plaster work on the ceilings that has been hand painted, and a chandalier that reportedly cost 1 million dollars. Amazing how this guy lived while the rest of the nation was in shambles.


Anonymous Margit Anne said...

Hey Bro-
I got your pictures. They are cool. I am glad you are able to get on the computer so we can keep up with you.
Miss you!

Margit and Tom

5:22 AM  

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