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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another Post

Well, I sat down to begin checking email and update my blog when we felt a massive explosion. I waited a moment, heard the siren indicating an attack, and began the drill with which I think I am becoming familiar- I packed up my laptop and rushed up to the aid station. There, the medics began to set up in preparation for a MASCAL (Mass Casualty- i.e., many casualties). I began to talk to my friend, who is one of the docs, and we all waited in anticipation. An explosion like that can miss the FOB completely, or it can hit the FOB but cause no injuries, or it can cause wounds and/or kill soldiers. This time, we were blessed: no one was wounded. I won't say if the rocket hit the FOB or not, for obvious security reasons, but I pray that we continue to have results like this: everyone is safe.

I'm including a picture of the area, as some of you have requested. The FOB itself is not a bad place. We have concrete buildings, some trees, and most things are a close walk from where I'm staying and working. Don't be misled by the trees: this is a desert. But it also used to be an Iraqi Army Base, and, as such, has some decent buildings and vegetation.


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