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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quality of Life

I'm settled in at a new FOB- FOB "Rusty." It is pretty decent. I have to say that the quality of life in theater is not too bad; it is MUCH better than for the soldiers who came in during the initial phases of the war. The quality of the food at the DFACs (Dining Facility) is good, with many choices. There is air conditioning virtually everywhere, and the housing is good. I'm speaking in generalities for OPSEC purposes, of course, but I am positive about this environment.

Now... that doesn't change the fact that we are in a dangerous place, and in a critical phase in this war. Soldiers going "outside the wire" are doing a brave and dangerous job on a daily basis. That doesn't change with air conditioning and hot food. But I think it's important to note that we are living in very good circumstances, considering it's a combat environment. Soldiers love to complain; anyone with two minutes in any branch of the military will tell you that. So, I need to find something to complain about soon. But, the reality is, it could be much worse. The soldiers who served in Vietnam know that, and even compared to the first Persian Gulf War, I think we have it much better.

Of course, that isn't t0 say that I can't wait to be back home in my bed, at home with my family, but, it really is pretty good here.


Anonymous Margit Anne said...

Hey Chris-
Missed your blogs for a couple of days. I am glad you traveled safe and are able to get online.
Love you and miss you,

Margit and Tom

3:04 PM  

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