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I am a chaplain in the US Army, serving in Iraq. I'm keeping a blog to share my thoughts and experiences while deployed. They are my thoughts and they don't necessarily reflect the opinions of the US Army! :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

At the Palace

I"m going to try uploading some pictures, here and there. The internet connection is hit and miss, so it's hard to do. This is a photo of me in front of one of Saddam's palaces- this one is in Baghdad, at Camp Liberty. My understanding is that it was his main palace. The place is incredible. When you look at this place, compared to how the rest of Iraq lives, it is really quite a pity.


Blogger Mom said...

Hi Chris!!

Keep the pics coming! They make you a little closer to us!! Miss you very much and pray for you constantly!!


6:30 AM  

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