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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Capital One Bowl Champs Again!

This morning's blog is dedicated to the Wisconsin Badgers, who beat Arkansas 17-14 for their second straight Capital One Bowl Championship. The Badgers proved their #6 national ranking was well deserved, and should end up finishing in the top 5 once the polls are complete. The Badgers finished 12-1, and will be one of a few teams to win 12 games this year!

This is a great time for UW sports: the basketball team is 14-1 and #4 in the nation, the hockey team is the defending National Champions, and now our football team finishes with 12 wins. For Iowa fans keep score, that means we won twice as many games thsi year as the Hawkeyes. :)

I was able to watch the game last night... just had to stay up a little late. That was a nice treat. Last year I was watching the game in person with my five year old son, and maybe next year we'll watch another game together. Maybe the Badgers will play in the Orange Bowl next year?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well--you have raised a couple of points--perhaps directly, perhaps indirectly.

1--What is a school that is 6-6 (Let's see, that is 50%--failing by most grading standards) doing in a bowl game in the first place? Iowa doesn't deserve to clean the sneakers of many of the other schools respresented!

2--How can the BCS (perhaps that stands for Bogus Championship S*#@ ??) not say that Boise State deserves to play Ohio State for a National Championship? Oh yeah--they don't play anyone, but those they do, they kick the crap out of.

If Ohio State loses, then Boise State has EARNED the national championship. Whether they get it is another thing. It simply proves that we don't need 6-8 weeks between the last game of the season and the bowls--we need a play-off program.

Hopefully this year will prove that argument once and for all!


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