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Monday, December 25, 2006

Muddy Merry Christmas!

Well, it's Christmas morning! It's strange to be in the land of Abraham's birthplace for Christmas. Around 3800 years ago God made the promise not just of land (Israel) to Abraham, but he also promised that all nations would be blessed through him- the promise of Christ.

In America we've come to associate Christmas with snow, and, truth be told I miss the snow right now. This time of year in Iraq it's cold- it's been in the upper 50s during the day, and in the 30s at night. It has also been raining- a lot- some days, and as a result, the fine, dusty sand has now turned into mud and sludge. My boots are caked with mud and it's hard to move around.

Christmas Eve last night was great. I preached at the 2000 (8pm) Service, which is now my normal service. I look forward to working with the service over the remainder of my tour.

Well, everyone have a Merry Christmas and God bless you!


Anonymous Margit Anne said...

Hi Chris,

We miss you...Merry Christmas. Wesley stayed with us last night and is playing Star Wars Lego II and had fun with us. We are headed to Mom's house and wish you were here!
Wesley says love you and Merry Christmas.


Margit and Tom

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart!

Wish you could be here today with us...but it makes it easier that we (well, Wes, Calvin and I) saw you not too long ago.

You would be having fun tormenting Sven and Radley with the laser pen. They are keeping us quite entertained.

I love you and miss you. Merry Christmas!


7:30 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

Chris, Merry Christmas!! I hope your holiday was special in it's own way. Again, Merry, Merry...
Tom H.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Tracy Fahrion said...

Merry Christmas and many blessings for 2007. It was wonderful to "see" you on Christmas Eve at the service. It's amazing how the Lord is placing you in a position for you to help others during such a tough time but also allowing you to speak to your home flock as well.

Oh... and that score you needed?
Hawkeyes: 21
Wisconsin: 24

*grin* Well done.

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I sit safely in my home a stones throw (literally) away from LCC I cannot keep up with the tears. I am saddened that you are spending your holiday away from your family like so many others this year, and yet excited that you are 'on fire for christ' and are spreading his word in a different land.
My neighbors got a seeing eye puppy to raise for two years and they will then give it over to it's owner for training. We were discussing the committment and all that they asked of this little puppy and Pam remarked that it similar to how god asks us, his little puppies if you will to trust, obey, and serve our master. You are an inspiration Pastor Chris!
God Speed & Safety to you
The Hasenwinkel Family

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From everything I am reading, Hussein will be hanged within the next 4 hours.

What do you see as the resulting impact on Iraq?


3:37 AM  
Blogger Taylor said...

I just stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading it so much!! Thanks so much for the invaluable service you are providing our troops!

Around thanksgiving time we went onto a website called soldier's angels and signed up to write to a soldier. We have written to him regularily and have been in email contact even which has been really neat.

You are in our prayers for safety and for your ministry!!


8:22 AM  

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