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Friday, December 08, 2006

Smaller World

One of the odd things about flying to Texas for the funerals/memorial ceremonies has been the side effect of making the world seem much smaller.

When I first flew over to Iraq, it felt like I was leaving the planet- I remember watching on the TV/Computer monitor on our plane, which showed where the plane was at on the map, as we left the coast of North America. It felt so far away as I we went over the Atlantic. (I've flown overseas a number of times before that, but this time I knew I would be gone for a while)

Now, however, having flown back for the funerals and memorial ceremony, and knowing I'll be going back... well, the world just seems smaller. I don't mean that in a negative way (or a positive way, for that matter), but, it's just different.

Being in Baghdad seems like being in a different world- culturally and economically, it is. Yet, just a few hours on a plane (well, more than a few) and I'm back in the US. It reminds me that what is happening over there isn't so far removed from what happens in the US.

On the other hand- the difference in the quality of life simply cannot be expressed. It is amazing how wonderfully blessed we are in the United States.


Blogger Mark true said...


I love to read your observations.

I too have that same feeling even when returning somewhere much closer than Iraq! Phoenix, for example.

I hope you're enjoying a little reprieve from your work in Iraq and are able to help the families of the soldiers here.

May God keep you and your soldiers safe, and bring you home permanently, soon.


12:38 AM  
Anonymous Diane said...

Chris... I come back from Cayman , a tropical paradise, and think how grateful I am to be "home" . I can only imagine how blessed you are feeling now. I'm sorry for the circumstances that have you back in the US but am so happy you have a few days to feel safe and refuel.Enjoy !


1:54 PM  

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