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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday Evenings

Sunday evenings are the highlight of my week. This is when I lead worship/preach. My service is the Sunday evening Protestant service, and it's a blast. The band we have continues to grow: we have singers, a guitarist, bass guitarist, saxaphone, flute, drums and keyboard. The music is everything we sing at LCC (i.e., contemporary Christian music), which makes me feel at home. The irony is that half the band is from Minnesota, with another person from Iowa. What are the odds of that? No wonder they're sounding so good!

Right now I'm in the midst of preaching a sermon series called "All Things New," and we're looking at the various ways in which God desires to transform us. Two weeks ago, we looked at how God desires to transform us into knowing Him more. This last weekend, we studied how God calls us to love others. and shows us the way to do so. This coming Sunday, we will explore what it means to be holy. The sermon series has gone well so far, and I can't express how much I enjoy heading over to the chapel for it every Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Maybe you will have to start a Sunday evening worship service when you return: youth oriented, comtemporary, great music and teaching. Who knows: even an alter call?

Certainly a time of true, intense Sunday evening fellowship and worship would be a refreshing addition to the LCC lineup.

It's currently -4F here (not sure what that is Iraqi) Having a wonderful time; wish you were here!! It's also 7 am and I am heading out to make sure your homestead is shoveled out. We got maybe 5 inches of very fluffy white snow! Austin and Grant (especially Grant) are delighted!

God Bless--


4:10 PM  
Anonymous SIS MW said...

Hey bro!

it is REALLY cold here...of course Ole loves it :)

It sounds like Sunday is your day to shine. I am glad you are able to serve the soldiers in such an awesome way.

We miss you!


Margit and Tom

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Mark True said...


I really like this kind of post...I love hearing what your preaching about.

It goes along with what we just covered last night in my Bible study..we're looking at Romans, chapter 8 and learning about conforming to be like Jesus. What an awesome promise we have in Him!

Take care and keep safe.

10:56 PM  

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