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Friday, January 25, 2008

Re-enlistment rates higher than before war

I saw this article this morning, and it echoes what I have seen in the Army: people are choosing to stay in:

Most of us in the Army love to complain about the Army (me included). If you've ever tried to submit a travel voucher, if you've ever had to "hurry up and wait," if you've ever had to learn a new set up acronyms, if you've ever sat at the Baghdad airport in the 100+ degree heat waiting to get on a C-130.... only to have your flight canceled.... those sorts of things... then you know what I'm talking about. The Army can be incredibly frustrating at times.

But guess what? We stay in. After having almost 6 months to reflect on my time in Iraq, I can say that I'm proud of my service. While there, I felt like we were making a difference, and now, with all of the good news from Iraq, my views seems justified.

As a chaplain, I have no contract. Officers don't re-enlist in the same ways as enlisted Soldiers. I didn't receive a signing bonus, and I don't "have" to stay in. But I am. And as the article shows, that is the trend Army wide.

Of course, if there were bonuses available right now, I wouldn't mind those either. :) But I'm staying in until either my body can't take it, or God shows me a different path, or my wife wants me out. But none of those have happened yet. I suspect my body will be the first to give out. :)


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