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Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Great Sunday

We had a blast at worship last night. I can't tell you how much our Sunday evening service is the highlight of my week. I wrapped up a sermon series called "All Things New" focusing on the transformation God wants to work in our lives. Attendance has been up as well, which is wonderful to see.

I'm proud of the band leading worship. I, myself, am not musical- I can't sing to save my life. They, however, do an incredible job. Last night was another excellent time of worship, and I'm always on a spiritual high after the service.

I also have to add, for my Iowa friends, that yesterday was a double bonus because my Badgers beat the Hawkeyes, 57-46, to improve to 21-1. That doesn't compare with worship, but it's a nice bonus to cap the day! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought about you a lot this weekend with the variety of activities I was involved.

--I thought about you while I was at the Iowa Stars game (even though Iowa lost) sitting on the glass just across from one of the goals.

--I thought about you and laughed when I heard the Iowa/Wisconsin score. Not being an Iowa fan, I was happy for you!

--I thought about you during worship as Sharon hit yet another home run. Her sermons lately have been nothing less than inspiring and I couldn't help but think about how much I miss the inspiring sermons you have presented over the years. Oh yeah, and your video clips!

--I thought about you as our weather was unseasonably warm followed by typical cold crap! You and your "tropical paradise" in which you find yourself.

--I thought about you because the Holy Spirit puts you on my mind daily and I have so much respect for what you do--both militarily and spiritually. Your mission and your ministry is always on my mind.

--And, I thought about you because you are my friend, my brother, and my Pastor--and I miss you deeply!

Have a great week! God has you where he wants you and His plans for you will be awesome! Relax and enjoy the ride, Chris!


2:38 PM  
Blogger Shane Vander Hart said...


It is exciting to hear about how worship is going over there. I however was not thrilled about the Hawkeyes - Badgers score.

10:46 AM  

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