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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The decison making process

Here is an excellent article ( looking at the decision making process for President Bush, with regard to his decision to increase the number of troops in Iraq. Whether one agrees with the increase or not, it is a transparent look at what went into the decision. I personally appreciate leadership that is willing to make the tough decision, especially when others do not agree.

I cannot say whether or not this troop increase is the right thing, or whether it will work out or not- that's for others to hash out. But I pray for all of our troops that they will be safe, and that our work will go toward securing this nation. From my post last night, Larry made a very good reference to Hagar and Ishmael... he is right on. Ultimately, true peace comes through faith in Christ, and not through the military. What we can hope for is that our military can set the stage, by setting up a safe and secure nation. The spiritual issues are in the hands of God, and we as Christians need to be faithful and consistent in our witness to our faith.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Chris:

Bush's decision reminds me of the tough decisions that Lincoln and Churchill had to make under very difficult circumstances. In 1863, many critics felt that Lincoln should allow the Confederacy to secede. Who would've thought during the height of the Battle of Britain that Churchill would be able to rally the British to fight for democracy. The difference today is the instant analysis generated by so-called pundits and experts. McCain hit on the head when he said that the Democrats can't support the troops if they withdraw financial support or register disapproval of our efforts. I don't think anyone with knowledge of the Middle East felt that bringing democracy or what would pass for democracy in the Middle East to Iraq would be an easy task. Bush has shown the resolve that typifies leadership. I don't know anyone who wants to see the war go on but there are no easy solutions to difficult issues.

We are all proud of the efforts you and all the other American soldiers are making on behalf of our freedom and the freedom of others throughout the world. We live in a difficult time where cultures clash and reason seems to be lacking. The difficulty in the Middle East is that most Arabs live in a very divided society between those who have and those who haven't. This creates a culture where there is a lack of hope and feeds the hatred and fury we see today. We have to overcome this lack of hope and provide a vision of what is possible when people work together. Unfortunately, thousands of years of hatred between various factors are difficult to overcome short-term. Whether we are talking about the Israelis and the Palestinians or the Shiites and the Sunnis, these hatreds have a long history. We can look to the history of Europe as example of a continent of tribes, which only recently after two world wars has been able to cooperate in a positive manner.

We are very proud of you and the work you're doing and the sacrifice your making for your fellow soldiers and our country.

Love, Dad

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Recon Miller said...

Only America can defeat America. Thank God we have a President who does not only rejects defeat, but will not accept half victory.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Jane said...

Chris, I appreciate the on-the-ground perspective, and the Christian point of view. As the mother of a First Cav soldier, I feel a closer connection to him through staying informed. And I agree with your Dad, we are proud of you and your colleagues for your service to God and Country. Thanks for sharing.

9:09 PM  

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