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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Books I'm Reading

Here are a few of the non-fiction books I've read lately, or am reading:

-America Alone, by Mark Steyn. A must read for anyone interested in history/politics/religion. Steyn is a Canadian born journalist who looks at the declining birth dates in Europe, coupled with the growth of immigration from Islamic countries, and projects that a number of western European countries, including France, will have Islamic majorities (or near majorities) within 35 years. He looks at the effect this will have on world politics and promotes the necessity of a strong, stable and involved American democracy. I have passed this book onto a number of other Officers here, who have read it very quickly- it's a fascinating read.

-The Great Divide, by Alvin Schmidt. Schmidt compares and contrasts the development of the Islamic world and the democratic west, and looks at the influence of Jesus Christ versus the influence of Muhammed, and why the West has been more "successful" because of those differences. A good read for anyone interested in why some of the differences between the West and the Islamic world exist.

-Don't Tread on Me; a 400-year History of America at War, from Indian Fighting to Terrorist Hunting, by H.W. Crocker III. This is a books for history and military buffs. Lots of good stuff in there.

Since I've been here, I've tried to expand my reading selections. As a pastor, my reading lists typically consists of Christian authors, but it's been interesting to read a little more about Islam, history and some of the currents affecting Iraq. In addition, I've also started reading some fiction, which I don't normally do much. Disclaimer: I put links to the books on, not because I endorse it, or get any sort of commission, which I don't, but so people could see the books. :)


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I just finished "The Kite Runner". Excellent story about 2 boys growing up in Afghanistan. Starts at the time of the Monarchy, then the Russians invade and then the Taliban take over.
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